About Lynika

About Lynika

Dr Lynika is a Transformational Speaker, Mentor, Metaphysician and Best Selling Author.

She is passionate about helping people reframe and reclaim their lives, enabling them to make more compelling choices, take action and claim greater self-empowerment and success.

Lynika speaks and consults globally. An insight into her past shows where her drive and underlying success originate.

From early childhood Lynika had major life threatening obstacles to overcome including being abandoned as a young schoolgirl, left to live homeless on the streets for over 12 months, she had to quickly learn how to survive, raise herself and eventually thrive.

Despite an overwhelming amount of adversity at such a young age, Lynika went on to create a highly successful career. After putting herself through correspondence school, getting herself a job and eventually earning three degrees, she continued on to complete her Doctorate in Metaphysics..

For the past two decades Lynika has travelled to over 12 countries, worked, consulted and spoken to thousands of people from CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, to celebrities, actors, authors, poets, speakers and many other successful leaders.

She’s worked with companies such as IBM, Channel 10, Channel 7, Sydney Commonwealth Games, World Expo, Avis and Macy’s

Lynika is the Author of several books including Beggars CAN Be Choosers” – An Inspiring, True Story Of Strength and Triumph Over Adversity” her work also features in literary journals across Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA.

Lynika is currently working on many exciting projects including her powerful, upcoming new book ‘The 24 Hour Life’ She continues to inspire and mentor worldwide, speaking globally and championing others into claiming success and empowerment in their own lives.

In her own words

Witnessing others become the powerhouses they inherently are, is a gift and passion that is firmly entrenched in my DNA. My belief system was stamped into being by a less than ideal start to life.

Raising yourself on the streets as a child, you either learn some hard-core life skills fast or you fade out. Period.

Good things are often buried in rocky terrain and to uncover them takes great gobs of grit and a spirit that won’t quit.

My story and the unique set of resources I grew as a result are a prime example of the gifts that can come from being thrown off a cliff without a safety net or a full grown set of wings.

I grew a certain kind of resilience and know-how that most people never get to discover. I stepped into a strength that lays dormant in most lives.

Let me tell you sleeping in trees and surviving on small bites of old, thrown out bread gets you right into the deep bones of things.

The beauty and alchemy of this, was having an intense up-close look at what really grows and sustains a person and this formula translates to every aspect of life. It sure as heck saved mine. I discovered miraculous things about the human mind and spirit.

It absolutely kept me alive and instilled a super power that saw me push through and overcome time and again, the seemingly impossible.

I’m living proof of what can happen when you switch the light on in a room you never knew existed.

Whether you’re an executive with a 7 figure income or still scraping the gravel off your knees from the streets of down and out, you best believe there’s a sure fire guide that will help you punch out those illusive bricks and put the keys to the freeway back in your hands.

I’ve studied a broad range of modalities; health science, the arts, education, personal development, marketing, psychology, life coaching to name a few. Without doubt there’s immense value in going to College or University. But being thrust out on your own as a kid, when the only person you have for counsel is yourself and the only home you have is made up of your head, heart, intuition and instincts…

When you’re learning how not to die or run dry while others are still learning their ABC’s, well you can’t get that sort of cellular know-how from a text book.

I’ve travelled the world and studied with some of the best and I’ve saturated myself with learning new things and new ways to look at things.

I’ve flipped the lid on stock standard thinking and limited vision by investigating the rich and varied perspectives of others from philanthropists to Philosophers, from child to elder, native to western, I’ve listened.

Everything I teach I’ve lived, up close and personal. I grew up in a very different world to most and I’m grateful for every lesson and skill I learned.

My very survival depended on thinking beyond the square. The streets and my earlier home life demanded enormous resilience and resourcefulness. The strength and self-knowing I possess as a result are powerful beyond measure.

It’s made me a catalyst, someone who is able to stimulate others into shifting the rubble and illusions that have held them back. Teaching them how to tap into a more constructive way of life, witnessing lives turn around in just minutes, transforming their existence, struggle and goals into freedom and self-power.

Seeing people come alive, break barriers and empower themselves beyond their wildest dreams, these are the things that drive me.

I was a lone human on this planet throughout my most informative years and it was a rare and precious opportunity to learn and develop an acute and powerful sense of self and the ability to cut through any illusion of separation from the greatest person you need to know, yourself.