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Your world is bigger than 4 walls and it calls you…

Posted on: July 26th, 2019 by Lynika Write A Comment

Don’t stay in one repeat episode


These moments are your life…

Live them in new ways… 

Climb out the other side of the bed each morning.

Don’t reach for your phone right away, let your soul come back all the way first. 

Notice small things, kneel in the garden, the park, watch the tiny worlds living amongst the grass. 

Remember how your heart beats for you each day, take deep breaths in return. 

Work in a different room or corner of your home. 

If you don’t work or you work for someone else, carry a stone or scrap of paper in your pocket with something valuable written on it.

It can be a quote,

a word,

a wish,

your name…

Remember your world is bigger than 4 walls and it calls to you. 

Eat outside. 

Help someone. 

Love the miracle of being here, alive, playing yourself for a short time on this magnificent stage.

Love your character.

Write it new lines. 

Remember to let it laugh, weep, dance, fall down, get up, love.

Think outside the old lines.

Don’t stay in one repeat episode. 

This day isn’t a rehearsal for something ‘better’ up ahead. 

Walk into new rooms, make new chapters.

Own your moments, your life is made of these. 

Occupy them.

Our time here is brief.

Live it wild, w i d e, open and deep.

Forward we go,

Dr Lynika

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Own Your Life

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Live out Loud

Contrary to what most have been told, championing and believing in yourself is your birthright, and the key to successful living…

Successful living? 

You might ask ‘what is that?’ 

Well let me assure you, it involves much more than just surviving this life…

It means living it with all your callings and passions pursued and relished. 

Life is in the living. 

This moment right here, right now? It’s not a draft; it’s the real deal. Don’t waste a minute more.

You want to saturate yourself in your life, live in all your bones with all your heart. 

This means being on your own side, talking with respect to yourself, it means listening to what your ‘self’ is telling you, and caring deeply, with priority, about those wants, passions and needs. 

This person that you are, the human that you came in to be, that person is at your mercy, treat them well, with dignity, respect, encouragement and belief. 

Know you are worthy and start living it…. 

Everything else is conditioning, everything else is someone else’s agenda. 

And remember, living a self-empowered life means helping others along the way, who have forgotten. 

When they stumble over the self-denigration minefield, put out your hand and remind them, tell them; they are worth the push it will take them to stand back up.

Never underestimate how much this world needs you to be good to yourself so you can inspire yourself and others, toward an authentic, full life.

Self-esteem is not a dirty word. 

But putting yourself down, not believing in the immensity of who you are? 

That is foul play. 

And you rob this world of the light you came in with… and that is the real you, not the filter others and you have placed on yourself. Clean the lens! 

Be who you are and be damn proud of it. 

We are all wise enough to know this isn’t about an over inflated ego… it’s about gutsy, show up for yourself honour. 

Let that stuff shine.

Dr Lynika Cruz


Back Yourself 24/7

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So don’t beat yourself up when you’re going through some of the less enjoyable bits…

Life is a medley.

No matter what you do there will be easier and not so easier times.

What matters is that you back yourself.

24/7 you have your human self to care for.

Treat that being with integrity and respect.

Your self care impacts the whole world for the greater good.

It makes you a whole being who by proxy gives permission and inspiration for others to do the same. 

Take care of yourself and shine on my friend

You matter.

Dr Lynika Cruz

How to live your life

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“Life is brief. Live out loud, outside the box.”

~ Lynika


Keep going, you’re doing great

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High Fiving YOU! You reading this right now.

Thank you for rising and living. You being here means everything.

Keep breathing, keep going.

This world needs your stories and your light. ~ Lynika


May your shawls be warm

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May your shawls be warm, and may you sell many violets every day, my friends.

~ Lynika


This isn’t a rehearsal

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“Get fierce with living a full life. This isn’t a rehearsal. It’s your one, real, precious life. Right here. Right now. Gusto up!”


Remember to stop and laugh

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“Remember you
can stop at any
time and be in
the moment.
If the path
feels hard or
too serious,
recharge in
the power of
Look up and
notice the joy
of life itself.
It’s woven

~ Lynika Cruz

Get ready to shine, shine, shine

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This world has enough imitations…

Break free of any limitations you may have boxed yourself in with and shine, shine shine…

Because it turns out…

That little light of yours ain’t so little…

And it sure as heck doesn’t belong in the shade of anyone else’s shadow.

You don’t need anybody’s permission to be who you really are!

Live whole…

Live deep…

Live wide…

Live out loud..!

Count down with me…

In ten seconds you are going to decide to let go of everything and anything that keeps you small…











Welcome to the planet you magnificent, authentic, unique being!

We’ve been waiting for you! ~ Lynika Cruz

P.S. You’re born with the right to become YOU!

You are fabulous

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Yes, YOU are!