Drop those heavy rocks

Mar 11, 2012 | Adversity, Courage, Freedom, life, Living, Permission, Strength, Survival



“Adversity was my Nursery, School and my University and I wouldn’t trade it. It’s gifted me beyond the ordinary and into an extraordinary life.

But let’s not forget that adversity alone doesn’t guarantee you the gifts. It’s your job and power to find the opportunity and gold in every rock and hard place.

If at times you can’t find the diamond in the rough nor find anything gentle in the hardship, don’t worry. There’s another vital way to surge forward when this happens and it’s this… open your hands, let go and leave the rocks and hardness behind.

Don’t carry them with you, don’t stuff them down into your soul or try and figure them out by over analysing.

Don’t get hung up on having to find a reason as to why they’ve shown up in your life. Instead, give them a meaning and move forward.

Carrying rocks and holding onto the hardness will slow you down and drain you dry.

A light pack and open eyes make it a lot easier to spot and carry the good stuff, all the wonderful gifts that will serve you and grow you.

Here’s to you and your own unique satchel of glory and gain.”

~ Lynika