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Dr Lynika is a Transformational Speaker, Mentor, Metaphysician and Best Selling Author.

She is passionate about helping people reframe and reclaim their lives to greater self empowerment and success.

Lynika speaks and consults globally. Blending both science and authority through personal experience, she wakes up audiences with her powerful message and unique insight into the power within each and every one of us. 

From early childhood with life threatening situations to face including abandonment as a child left homeless on the streets, Lynika had to quickly learn how to survive, raise herself and eventually thrive.

Despite immense adversity, Lynika went on to later create a highly successful career. After putting herself through correspondence school and starting work, she remained driven. Determined to discover the powerful science behind her own survival she continued her research and studies including the completion of her Doctorate in Human Science.

For the past two decades Lynika has travelled to over 12 countries, worked, consulted and spoken with thousands of people from CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, to celebrities, actors, authors, poets, speakers and many other successful leaders.

She’s worked with companies such as IBM, Channel 10, Channel 7, Commonwealth Games, World Expo, Avis and Macy's to name a few. Lynika is the Author of several books including Beggars CAN Be Choosers” – Read More About Lynika »

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