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“A powerful example of how, despite great odds, you can define your life by your choices, not your circumstance. 

You will find, through Lynika’s extraordinary story, your own inner strengths and courage and the key tools in which you too can transform your life.”

~ Dr. Joe Vitale
Star of “The Secret”

“Lynika Cruz is courageous and inspiring. Her determination, intelligence, bright spirit, and sheer grit helped her to survive a childhood of severe trauma and abandonment and emerge a beautiful, loving, creative woman. 

A stunning accomplishment! I greatly admire her finely-crafted poems which are full of vivid detail and emotional power.” 

~ Ellen Bass 
Award Winning Poet and International Bestselling Author

“This compelling, remarkable book is filled with universal wisdom and insight. You will be shocked, moved, and ultimately inspired by Lynika’s harrowing tale of survival against insurmountable odds. 

Beggars Can Be Choosers will reinstate your faith that anything is possible, despite what life throws at you.” 

~ Jennie Armato
Author, Speaker, Mentor, Entrepreneur

“Lynika’s phenomenal story of overcoming incredible odds shows us that with strong beliefs, focused thought and a desire from the heart, anything is possible. For anyone who is hurting, in a difficult situation or simply lacking the energy, focus and tools to achieve their dreams, take heart. Lynika’s story is drenched with extraordinary wisdom, encouragement and practical insights that will fill you with hope and inspiration.

I thoroughly recommend Beggars Can Be Choosers to anyone ready to turn their life into the powerhouse they’ve always dreamed it could be.”

~ Pat Mesiti
Best Selling Author, International Keynote Speaker and Prosperity Activist

“Lynika Cruz encapsulates light, courage and tenacity. Her strength, resilience, and appreciation for the simplicities of life encompass so much of what I admire about her. Lynika is an incredibly gifted poet, writer, artist, speaker and deeply soulful woman. 

In her courageous and powerful book Beggars Can Be Choosers, Lynika teaches, inspires and encourages in ways that will give the reader immense hope and insight into transforming their life.” 

~ Denise Daffara 
Contemporary Artist


Lynika Cruz’s powerful and courageous real life story will inspire and motivate anyone wanting to overcome adversities thrown in their path.

Lynika’s resilience and incredible generosity in how she can forgive and love so openly will encourage others to believe you can reach the life of your dreams.

A remarkable and very beautiful woman inside and out who spreads love so generously to others, her uniqueness and special qualities enrich the life of whoever meets her.

She is very passionate about helping others to make choices in life that will lead them onto the path they wish to travel.

Lynika’s powerful and moving story will change the way you think and live. Through her mentoring and speaking roles and as an international author

Lynika empowers others to achieve the success they are seeking by enabling them to recognise and hone their own qualities and talents to enrich their life.

Lynika is a shining light with a beautiful, infectious energy. Her determination, strength and resilience enabled her to survive extremely traumatic and dangerous circumstances.

I thoroughly recommend you read Lynika’s book “Beggars Can Be Choosers” it is a story that will give the reader great hope and encouragement to overcome their own adversities in life.

Lynika has a unique way with words and they flow off the tip of her pen in a poetic rhythm making this a book you simply can’t put down.

 “ Stuff happens, it doesn’t mean we have to pay the negative forward.” –  Lynika Cruz 

Karen Scott
International Best Selling Author
Success Coach and Speaker
Christchurch, New Zealand

I can only say again how I marvel at your spirit and your courageous soul, for the journey you have been on thus far. I have turned to your words for comfort and strength, when I needed a source outside of myself.

As soon as I finish your book- I will be reading it with my sons because I want them to know and appreciate your journey- your life’s lessons and wisdoms and also for them to awaken the resilient spirit within themselves.

You are truly an inspiration and I thank you so much for writing your book.

 Nomiki Georgiadis
Director, Consultant, Coach
Business to Business Buzz
Victoria, Australia

Hi Lynika, 

Your book touched my heart. I felt like I was that 14 year old girl watching my Mum and my little sister drive away and I want to say thank you for giving me a window into your past.

I learned much from it. How to be more resilient. How not to sweat the small stuff. How important family is. How important positive self-talk is.

This is a book you can’t put down. You have to find out what happens. Time becomes irrelevant as you read on. It weaves a tale of parents unable to cope, and an abandoned 14 year old girl and the ramifications for her and her future. 

Many children face adversity everyday in dysfunctional families, many of us know it, but it is not visible to us. We see children living on the street and assume the worst about them and their families.

Perhaps the most important message in this book is the power of self-belief. There are so many positive messages for everyone in this book.

Upon reading it my brain became calm and my life was put into perspective.

We all need to learn to reserve judgement on those doing it tough. You will never truly understand unless you have walked in their shoes. In this book you get to walk in those shoes. Thank You Lynika. You are an inspiration.

Liz Dunoon
Author of Helping Children With Dyslexia and Creator of The Ten Minute Tutor

Hello Lynika, it’s Cally 

Your book is amazing, and I was so glad to of read it! Especially when I am 14 the same age as you were. I was so intrigued with the story and couldn’t put the book down!

I’m so astonished by what you went through and am very overwhelmed by how you kept going and never gave up, especially seeing you are so successful and happy now. Your story is so very inspiring and has made me so much more grateful for what I have, and how I live.

I love your style of writing and the quotes you put in between the chapters, you are an amazing writer!! I have actually written a few of the quotes from your book down and put them up on my wall and one in my school diary!

When I was reading the book I couldn’t believe what could happen to a child! I have heard of various things and circumstances that happen to people, but have never met someone that it has happened to, and reading your story it became very real to me that it does happen and it doesn’t just happen to adults.

I just want to Thank-you for writing the book and sharing with us your experiences and stories, it has been amazing to read and changed the way I feel, look and act about things.

I have become to think how lucky I am and persistence pays off!  I’m sure your book will continue to inspire others and change people’s lives.


Love from, Cally

Cally Shamrock
Age 14 QLD

Good afternoon Lynika!

After hearing you speak today, I’m likely to have finished reading your book (for the first time round) before my flight departs.

Thank you for what you have written & your courage & inspiration!

Could I please order 30 of your books? I want to send them to friends and family. You are an eternal light to this world and the universe.

Thank you for being you and for your courage and leadership! Thank you for the privilege of having met you!

Neville Garnham
QLD Australia

Lynika I just received the wonderful gift of your book. It was written with the hand of a poet and the soul of a wise and learned person.

What a treasure. What a great teaching. I wish everyone in the world would read this book.

I love you for writing it and I love you for being who you are.

Dr Dan Gottlieb

Philadelphia, USA

If Lynika as a child could find a way to overcome the privations and incredible danger that threatened her to become the strong successful woman that she is, then there is real hope for all of us.

Lynika is a wonderful role model, and meeting her, hearing her speak and learning her story has been a valuable life experience for me.

Thank you Lynika. Your story leaves me inspired to try harder and to be more.

Each time I face an obstacle I’ll think of you and I’ll borrow strength from your well-spring of endless positivity.

With kindest regards and best wishes.

Colin Cox
NSW, Australia

Inspiring for everybody and anybody. If you are feeling like life is being hard on you and a bit sorry for yourself then Beggars CAN Be Choosers is the perfect tonic for you.

Lynika’s words are the words of someone that has been through things most of us couldn’t even imagine yet instead of becoming hardened and bitter she has become insightful and generous.

Her story is of incredible hardship and yet her nature is to notice even the smallest things and encourage everybody.

I read the book straight through from cover to cover. It is a book I couldn’t put down because it is written in such a positive way and is a lesson for anybody, especially anybody that needs to find inspiration after a set back or two.

It is a book that will lift your spirits and that is recommendation in itself.

Chris Archer
United Kingdom

I was spellbound as Lynika spoke to the crowd and described the adversity and violence she faced growing up. It became clear it was her unwavering sense of self that saved her life.

She shares her story with brutal honesty.

The message is clear, if Lynika can pull it together after all she went through, you can too.’

It’s her mission to empower and teach others how to live better, extraordinary lives. Lynika truly leads by example.

You can’t help admire and be inspired and moved by her.

AJ Silvers

I honestly didn’t stop reading this book till I had finished it. I started in the afternoon and didn’t get to sleep till some point the next day, so whatever you do, start this book early in the morning and wipe your schedule.

It’s such a heart breaking story, but you find there is no room for pity, Lynika’s so strong and resilient that you are in complete awe, her kind and creative soul shines through so heavily against all the adversity in her life, it made me embarrassed about all the little mole hills I was allowing to stop me from following my own dreams.

What’s great is that she isn’t just some freak of nature who’s ridden the luck train, she’s completely relatable and her skilful writing puts you right in her shoes throughout the book.

I’ve recommended this book to friends who are single mothers, friends who are struggling with their creativity and friends who feel a bit lost. I think this book can speak to anyone, and I think everyone will develop their own special relationship with her words and what they mean to them.

This is such a powerful book, while it reads cohesively as a memoir, it also teaches you strategies on how to access your own strengths and move towards the life you want.

I wish I had read this book as a teenager.

S. Morgan
Artist QLD Australia

Just finished your amazing book and I was so inspired and uplifted it completely changed my life. I have finally realised the value, ability and right that I have to choose who I am and the life I wish to lead.

I will never be the same and I’m so glad. Thank you so much Lynika

Kelly Grant
Broker, Australia

I will always be in awe of the journey you took at age 14, your strong courageous heart couldn’t be broken, and to read your story in “Beggars Can Be Choosers” was deeply moving and inspiring.

Well done for having the courage to write it and give it to the world, what a gift. You are a m a z i n g.

Denise Daffara
Contemporary Artist
QLD Australia

I just finished your book; I couldn’t put it down it was such a good read – well done!  

As the great (although fictional) Rocky Balboa said in ‘Rocky V’:

“It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can GET HIT and keep moving forward.”

Lynika, you are the non-fictional Rocky.

Simon Frayne
WA, Australia

I’m gonna cut straight to the chase: This book does something to you.The story is so well told that you’ll swear it’s YOU being left behind and having to survive on the streets as a 14 year old girl.

From the moment you pick this book up, you will not be able to put it down until you finish the last sentence… and even then you’ll never want it to be further than an arms length away.

Not only is this true story both heartbreaking and beautifully told, but the incredibly inspiring message of strength and overcoming adversity is one that stays with you long past the final page.

A must read for EVERYONE! Regardless of age or circumstance, Lynika’s story is a powerful one that changes lives.

This is definitely a book I will read again and again.

S. McLaggan
QLD Australia

Your book and talk touched my heart; your words speak of and to my heart. Your story inspired me and also gave me the strength and insight to roll ahead with my own book. Thank you for sharing your powerful message with this world. 

 Julia Ho

What an amazing book Lynika and an even more amazing journey. I could not put your book down, often noticing I was holding my breath as I waited to find out what would occur next. Thankyou for sharing your story with all of us, it was truly inspirational to read. I will definitely be recommending your book to others…

Kim Langelaar
QLD Government

When I heard Lynika speak, it was a very easy decision to get her book and I’m so glad I did. What Lynika went through in her life I can only try to imagine.

Coming from a sheltered environment and loving parents, what she must have experienced and endured right from a little girl is beyond my comprehension and yet Lynika shows us that our environment and circumstances are not enough to hold us back or prevent us from choosing a life that we want. She is living testimony of that.

Despite her adversity, and as extreme it was, Lynika stands before us as a truly inspirational and beautiful woman today. This book is definitely a must read – Beggars CAN Be Choosers!! Thank-you Lynika.

Gary Dickinson
Sydney Australia

AWESOME WORK Lynika… the day I bought your book turned into a 2am morning – as I started reading I couldn’t put it down. It is extraordinary… I highly recommend it! In fact, I would go so far as to say everyone should read this book!

Julie Lewin ·
Medical Intuitive,
QLD, Australia

I’m in love with your book and I always will be… It was so inspiring… and it helped me immensely to go through the pain when my Dad died….

Thank you so much for being there when I needed words to make me feel good and go through it. You are truly an inspiration, beautiful inside and out and a blessing to people like us.

Thanks for writing this book… people out there need to know about it. It has blessed and inspired me, I’m sure it will do the same for them.

 Leth L. Bayoneta

This book is amazing. I could not put it down – if you read this book and I highly recommend you do, give yourself time to dig in and know that you won’t be stopping, as you simply can’t. You have to read every word.

What Lynika goes through is nothing short of incredible – her writing shows you that no matter what your story is or where you came from you can have a life that you love. It’s up to you.

Never give up on your dreams whatever reason/excuse you have. After reading this book you will say to yourself, if Lynika can do it so can I!

Mary Bartnikowski
World Photographer,
Honolulu, USA

I have to say when I read this story it made me cry. The author has left nothing out and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to write this true story and relive what you went through all over again through this book.

All I can say is once you pick it up you will not be able to put it down. Thank you for sharing your story, you are an amazing woman

and your courage is so inspiring.

Pam Brossman
Sydney, Australia