Don’t let an intruder in your ‘house’

Dec 20, 2014 | Empower, life, Living, Permission, Perseverance, Strength, Survival, Truth, Uplift, Worth



Psst… has someone snuck into your home?

You wouldn’t allow anyone to come traipsing into your home unannounced, set up camp and start criticizing your every move would you…?

Even if you did invite someone in for advice, you wouldn’t have to listen or take their suggestions on board if it didn’t feel right.

And I doubt very much you’d ask them to move in and accompany you every day, everywhere, to give you moment by moment blows on your every thought and action?

Yet shockingly this is exactly what many have happening in their ‘homes’ right now.

Here’s a reminder of something vital the majority of people miss…

At the end of the day, we come home to ourselves.

You spend more time with yourself than anyone else.

Your friends, your family, all want to spend more time with you, but more than anyone else, YOU are the one who gets your company 24/7

It’s seriously time to drop all the effort you put into what you should:

• Act like

• Talk like

• Think like

• Dress like

• Sound like

• Work like

• Live like

And instead — live like there’s already a tenant in the building.

There is.

Someone is home paying the mortgage/rent and bills, taking care of the property, business and all that responsible good stuff…

Somebody called YOU. And YOU is doing just fine thank you very much.

Let me ask you this:

How long are you willing to wait in your life to break out and be yourself?

After you move house/state/country?

After you break up, make up, get married, divorced?

After you lose weight, gain weight, work out, join a group?

After next Weekend, Monday, Wednesday, Month, New Year?

Stop right there.

There’s NO more time to wait.

No magic number or date, no right state of being, no right person to be with first.

Any day, any moment, any time, YOU can choose to begin to be yourself.

From this point on, be your authentic, genuine, complete with virtues and vices, ‘self’

When you get home or wake up, have a rough time, or a good time, you want to know there’s one person who will always be there.

One person who’s proud of you and in your corner cheering you on no matter what…

That person is YOU.

Time to begin to really be YOU.

Let ‘er rip and to heck with anyone who thinks they could possibly know how to be a more authentic version of YOU.

This includes everything; your work, your art, finding your own voice and letting it have a home in the world etc.

What have you done today to praise the one person who needs and backs you the most?

Take precious care of your amazing self; this world needs YOU and YOUR light!

~ Lynika Cruz

“Dream outside the box… live wide and deep”

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