Doubt your doubts…

Apr 10, 2011 | Courage, Empower, life, Living, Permission, Perseverance, Strength, Truth, Uplift, Worth



“Let’s flip the switch, right now, good and hard. Why continue to doubt your confidence, your dreams, your self?

Don’t go against yourself, you’re the most important, valuable person on board, without you there can be no light that shines quite the same way.

There can be no words said quite the way you say them, no love given the way you give it. Each of us, each one, is a single, unique fingerprint on this world. Without yours this planet is robbed.

You’re here to shine, to leave your mark, to help lift this world with your input. We weren’t born to hide.

Nothing fills my heart like seeing someone come alive from realising their right to love their own impeccable light. This is your moment, flip the switch and live it!” ~ Lynika