In your house

Nov 8, 2014 | life, Living, Love, Worth


“Although Pablo Neruda wrote exquisitely about love and romantic love, I believe this excerpt from one of his great works applies so deeply to our relationship with ourselves.
There is an inner, deep-self-you which longs for you to truly live in the authentic, passionate house of yourself.

Don’t neglect the one person who will there with you through everything. The one person who truly will never miss a moment of your life. Treat that one person as the most precious, needed source in your life and you will see miraculous changes and growth occur within and the fall out will bless this entire planet.

We need you to treat yourself with the utmost dignity and respect and keep your humour tucked safe in there as well. Invest in yourself. You are someone who deserves to take up space, someone who can make a difference in this world’ ~ Lynika Cruz