Into the dark bones..

Mar 5, 2013 | Freedom, legacy, life, Living, Permission, transcience, Worth, Writing

long for the dea

“Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that’s beautiful to create something that is fake.”

-Steve Maraboli

Yes… and remember to teach and guide others to find the longing, authenticity and passion within, how to reach down into the dark bones and draw themselves up.

Like water deep in the well, the rope sometimes unravels a long way down.

But if we trust and reel in, hand over hand what is in the depths of that.. if we lift that weighted bucket to the surface, to the light, then we can truly be quenched.

And we can carry that to others, let them sip from what we truly bring.

And in doing so they learn, how to kneel at their well, how to draw, how to fill and spill their goodness across this planet.

~ Lynika

You, YOU matter ♥