Less ‘preach’ and more reach…

Jul 26, 2019 | Empower, Freedom, Gratitude, Kindness, legacy, life, Living, Love, Permission, Perseverance, Power, Stories, Strength, Survival, transcience, Truth

Perception is subjective


Everyone experiences the path to enlightenment and happiness differently. The way the body, brain and spirit interpret meaning along the way, is unique to each individual. Perception is subjective.

When someone sees the same thing with different eyes it doesn’t mean they’re lost or wrong. We need less ‘preach’ and more ‘reach’ through the celebration and sharing of our rich and varied stories. Less ‘conversion’ to any one persons opinion, and more varied ‘conversation’ so that we can experience the rich gift of a glimpse into someone else’s window, someone else’s eyes. 

I’m grateful to share this earth with so many cultures and demographics. I’m grateful to share this earth with YOU. 

Whether we agree or see things the same way, I’m glad you’re here, living out loud, in your truth and affording others the same peace and respect. 

Forward we go,

Dr Lynika

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