You’re not here to play small

You’re not here to play small

You’re here to be you.

You’re here to bring what you bring without a dimmer switch.

Like I always say; people can buy shades and sit quietly in a back row if they can’t handle your brilliance.

Don’t dim your light, volume, passion, knowing or purpose for anyone. 

If things get tough, be tougher…

If folk want to mould you into mild, walk away and rise and rise and rise.

You’re not here to play small.

Small does the world a disservice.

Live in all your bones,

live out loud,

own your life.

We need your light like we need the sun.

You’re an essential part of life.

Nobody is a nobody.

YOU ARE someone.

Someone who’s meant to be here.

Someone who makes a difference.

Someone who’s allowed.

You are enough.

I’m so glad you’re here. 

Forward we go,


#ownyourlife #live #today

Photos by Todd Rhines, boris misevic