Think about it right this moment…

May 13, 2013 | life, Living, loss, Permission, Worth

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“I believe our adversity, pain, struggle, losses and challenges are our university, they are in fact the very things that lead us to graduating into the roles and lives we yearn for.

They gift us with the skills we need to live fully. If we look at them and forage into their depths we find they gift us gratitude, patience, compassion, courage, humour, strength and a deeper appreciation for ourselves.

They also teach us to be present and grateful with every little and big thing that goes well. To embrace our happiness when it is here, to notice the little things and all the things we might otherwise take for granted.

Think about it right this moment, do you have a warm bed tonight? Have you eaten or drank something today? Do you have a pair of shoes? Can you breathe without a machine? Can you read this post? Have you got desire beating in your chest to live a life that makes you feel 3D?

There are so many things to bless in our lives, even the little things, even if all you have is yourself right now, then take heart, this is the exact opportunity for you to be the kindest, most reliable and understanding friend you have.

Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself and don’t get adversity confused with bad luck or unfairness. It hurts sometimes yes, it’s incredibly difficult sometimes too, let’s face it, sometimes it feels almost too much.

But the truth is, you’re in training, you’re doing the hard work, you’re pushing for something worthwhile, adversity doesn’t skip town on paying or rewarding you for the hard slog and/or dark times.

No, sometimes we just forget to look at what it’s gifted us. Sometimes we are so busy and caught up looking at what it took from us that we can’t see what it has left us.

I’m not saying it’s easy, it’s not. But it is worth it. Look in the right places and the right direction and keep going. You’re worth it and I’m right here with you, sailing my own seas and you know what, I think of you every day, out there, just like me, doing your very best.

I’m glad you’re on this planet, each one of us matters, each moment matters. If this moment is hard for you, hold on. It will turn, it will change, make sure you look for what it becomes.” ~ Lynika