Surface success will never grow the soul…

Jul 26, 2019 | life, Adversity, Courage, Freedom, legacy, light, Living, Permission, Power, Strength, Truth, Uplift, Worth

Surface success will never grow the soul

We need to value and achieve what can’t be measured, in order to be in balance behind the scenes as well.

Surface success will never grow the soul, the heart, or home.

Don’t let anyone convince you that success comes at the sacrifice of your family or health.

And don’t believe that a carefully constructed, public profile, pretending to be ‘living the dream,’ is doing you any favours either.

If your wellbeing behind closed doors is parched and ragged then you’re missing the point and in truth, you’re missing your life.

Take care to have balance. You deserve to reach and live your dreams, not just hover behind curated images of them.

You and your whole life matter.

Forward we go,


Dr Lynika

Photos by Piret Ilver and Karsten Winegeart