Being alive is the right moment

Biggest ticket of all is this one called your life. 

Have you sat yourself front row with a window…

or have you scooched down the back and folded yourself in between others, where you always have to check with someone else before you stand up? 

Have you put yourself in a position where you’re afraid to move too much in case it bothers somebody else?

What are you doing with your ticket? 

Stumbling about at ground zero because you’ve become too focused on limitations and idle thoughts that have become records that now play you?

You don’t need to wait for the right moment. 

Thinking your life is something that happens later, is a scam. 

Being alive is the right moment.

And now is the time to grab it. 

And if you were waiting for permission or a sign to know if you’re ‘allowed’ to live out loud in all your bones, here it is;

If you’re breathing then you are worthy and wanted on this planet by life itself. 

Breathing is your permission slip. 

Now go out and use that ticket.

Existing is like opting for sawdust at a banquet. 

It makes my heart wild happy to see you out there owning your life. 

This is how we lift the world.

This is how we evolve. 

You’re ALIVE.

A miracle ticket.

Use it. 

Own your life.

Live out loud. 

Forward we go,

Dr Lynika

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