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You were born for this…

Posted on: April 4th, 2018 by Lynika Write A Comment

Playing small offers no favour to this world


Those who work hard and invest in themselves do so to stay in the world stronger and longer for the people they love, and for all those they will inspire and encourage as a result.


Playing small offers no favour to this world.


Do not quit or be guilted about self-investment.


This is your LIFE and legacy at stake and nobody has the right to throw opinionated rocks at you, nor distract you with fear-soaked ‘cotton wool’ limits.


If you’re operating from reason and integrity then you must play all out for yourself.


It’s the only way to authentically reach the platform where you can go all out for others.


The more you make of yourself the more you genuinely have to offer.


“To be successful you have to be selfish, or else you never achieve. And once you get to your highest level, then you have to be unselfish. Stay reachable. Stay in touch. Don’t isolate.”

Michael Jordan


Great minds think alike, so rise up like Baruch, Michael and I, and countless others who have held fierce to their life, and don’t EVER allow yourself to be shamed out of creating your greatest self, your legacy.


You were born for this.

Dr Lynika Cruz



Loss is a reminder to live w i d e and deep

Posted on: January 19th, 2016 by Lynika 2 Comments

My Brother My Hero

Sometimes life calls us to take unplanned yet vital journeys into necessary self care. Shock and bereavement from sudden, multiple losses in my family took me into one of these journeys over the past months.

Those who know me personally or through my work, know I advocate, validate and honour the need for grief, privacy and space for all. Self care is imperative, it is no different when that grief is my own. 

Most recently (a few short weeks ago) I lost one of the most beloved people in my life. He mirrored very much the heart I have for this world. We were twin like in that way. Having a birthday (both his, and mine soon) without him, highlights the great space he held in my life and I want to honour that space for a moment here.

He was a gifted singer/musician and incredibly intelligent, loving man, his songs and conversation, his great love for me and this world live limitlessly in my heart and thoughts.

I am blessed to call him my brother, he was my first hero and remains a hero. For all he endured he continued to love deeply and give to others however he could throughout his pain and illness, he was one of the most selfless people I have met.

I have always said life is here and now, this moment right here is our life. More than anything loss is a reminder to live wide and deep in each moment we have. I’ve spoken often on how each moment is also a new years eve. Again loss reminds us to claim and own ourselves, our moments, our lives.

My brother was young, the moments we had together too brief, I cherish each moment and rise with grace and dignity in honour of those who didn’t get the chance to be here long or long enough.

This moment right here, right now, this is your moment, the most precious one you have, love and own them all, stay as present as you can and relish any you get to share with another. There are no time guarantees.

Live out loud.

Live while you’re alive.

Love to you all.

Self-esteem is not a dirty word

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“Contrary to what most have been told, championing and believing in yourself is your birth right, and the key to successful living…

Successful living?

You might ask, ‘What is that?’

Well let me assure you, it involves much more than just surviving this life…

It means living it with all your callings and passions pursued and relished.

Life is in the living.

This moment right here, right now? It’s not a draft; it’s the real deal. Don’t waste a minute more.

You want to saturate yourself in your life, live in all your bones with all your heart.

This means being on your own side, talking with respect to yourself. It means listening to what your ‘self’ is telling you, and caring deeply, with priority, about those wants, passions and needs.

This person you are, the human you came in to be, that person is at your mercy, treat them well, with dignity, respect, encouragement and belief.

Know you are worthy and start living it…

Everything else is conditioning; everything else is someone else’s agenda.

And remember, living a self-empowered life means helping others along the way, who have forgotten.

When they stumble over the self-denigration minefield, put out your hand and remind them, tell them; they are worth the push it will take them to stand back up.

Never underestimate how much this world needs you to be good to yourself so you can inspire yourself and others, toward an authentic, full life.

Self-esteem is not a dirty word.

But putting yourself down, not believing in the immensity of who you are?

That is foul play.

And you rob this world of the light you came in with… and that is the real you, not the filter others and you have placed on yourself. Clean the lens!

Be who you are and be damn proud of it.

We are all wise enough to know this isn’t about an over inflated ego… it’s about gutsy, show up for yourself honour.

Let that stuff shine.” ~ Lynika




Here’s to you

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“You are the real warriors and heroes in this world and you deserve immense respect, especially your own. You matter.”  ~ Lynika


The difference between living and dying

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Company, support, a kind word can often mean the difference between living and dying.

If you know or suspect someone is struggling or suffering, don’t turn your back, give them even a moment of your time and watch the old adage come true…

“A burden shared is a burden halved”

To any of you, your loved ones or friends doing it rough right now, I’m thinking of you. Keep going. You’re worth it.

You matter.

~ Lynika


The ordinary is extraordinary

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“So much of the ordinary is extraordinary, we often don’t pause long enough, to see the daily miracles tucked inside our days.” ~ Lynika


These holidays

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“For some folk, holidays and celebrations are the loneliest of times.

A time when the absence of support and care are even more prevalent to the person in isolation.

Be it through age, illness or other reasons, there are lonely people on this planet, some who are suffering great pain…

And your kind word or shoulder squeeze can mean the difference between giving up or holding on.

Never underestimate the power of kindness and don’t wait until it’s too late…

Open your heart to someone in need and help make this world a warmer place for somebody today.”
~ Lynika Cruz

The real truth about adversity

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“Sometimes people are judgemental of those who have overcome great tragedy.

They say things like:

‘Oh you must have run over a China Man in a past life’ or ‘I wonder what you did to attract that!’

The trouble with phrases like this is, they portray adversity as either punishment or something to be ashamed off.

Both are incorrect.

Those who overcome adversity and those who are dealing with it right now deserve great respect and honour.

They are passing through new modules in their lives on the way to becoming greater, stronger, more compassionate and empathic versions of themselves.

The Gurus, the Saints, the Holy ones and the Wise are all those who have overcome great obstacles and challenges in life.

If you’re walking a hard path right now, take courage from these words:

You are the light we need most in this world. What you learn from this will create paths for others and grow new places in you that will serve you and this planet for life.

If you know someone going through a difficult, challenging time right now, give them the honour and respect they deserve and most need.

Words can wound or empower, make sure to check what you’re saying to others and yourself.

You are as valid and deserving as anyone else who needs your support and encouragement.

Speak well to and of others and the next time you see someone with a heavy load, embrace them, encourage them.

Remember you’re witnessing the most crucial act on this planet at its most vulnerable – Survival.”

~ Lynika Cruz

The smallest kindness

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“There are great blessings that come from times of poverty and hardship.

Learning the value of little things, the immense happiness that comes from the smallest kindness; the precious worth of a smile, a warm meal, shelter, interaction, the feeling of being wanted, loved..

Hardship offers us the chance to truly understand the things that truly matter in this life.

When we hold still long enough to see the gifts in our adversity we drop the added shackles we’ve attached to it.

We become lighter, more compassionate and wise. Gratitude becomes our dear companion who holds us up and helps us see the edge of light in every shadow.” ~ Lynika Cruz